Phoebe Willo Crowdfunds over $30,000 via SongBits and Music Gateway

By aligning with SongBits and Music Gateway, independent and unknown artist, Phoebe Willoraised over $30,000 by allowing fans to invest in her latest single. Both companies launched with the purpose to empower the independent artist and prove that fans want to support artists on a business level by investing for a piece of ownership in a project; in this case, streaming revenue on Phoebe’s latest single, “Lost in the Music.” A revolutionary new form of crowdfunding moving into the future, fans can now share in the success of an artist’s project. 

Music industry icon Dave Stewart — the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, producer, innovator and Eurythmics co-founder — is a co-owner of both SongBits and Music Gateway. “This is a precursor to big news coming,” says Stewart. “I am always thinking of ways to help new artists and this is a colossal one. I have always been heavily involved in paving the way for artists to survive in this fractured music business. At a time when actors and writers are on strike, music has always been the low hanging fruit, the sacrificial lamb so to speak.”

SongBits is a game-changing new platform that creates all-new levels of fan engagement, quick and effective new revenue streams and vital new data insights for artists and labels. Co-founder, Russell Sheffield shares: “Phoebe clearly has incredible talent and is one to watch. SongBits is all about supporting incredible talent whilst enabling fans to share the value of their songs. For the first time, creating a unique and true partnership together through harnessing the power of Web3.”

Music Gateway’s mantra is to empower independent artists by providing promotional services across playlisting, radio, press and digital media, leveling the playing field for artists across the globe. Jon Skinner, CEO & Founder of Music Gateway, says: "Dave Stewart has been part of our journey since the very beginning. Being a huge advocate for collaboration, he saw the huge potential in what we set out to achieve. Dave is a valued shareholder and plays a vital role on our advisory board. On a personal level, Dave is just amazing to work with and his ideas are endless." 


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