Phoebe Bridgers at The Greek

Sporting now-signature skeleton costumes with ruffled collars, Phoebe Bridgers played her Homecoming show at LA's Greek Theater. The Pasadena native kicked off her hometown gig with “Motion Sickness,” the lead single on her debut record, A Stranger in the Alps,

This opener was followed by two of the other more upbeat takes across a generally mellow catalog, “The Garden Song” and fan-favorite “Kyoto,” to compose a swift three-track run. The stage’s background projected a storybook page that corresponds to each respective track on Punisher– the set’s narrative artwork reflects the confessional storytelling that Bridgers is so celebrated for.

With these first up-tempo tracks, we see Bridgers has grown comfortable with the tour’s setlist (this was their penultimate show), but also the ease in playing her hometown, at a venue at which she saw shows growing up, just miles away from the Rose Bowl. A deep nostalgia and pride characterize the show atop her already wistful discography.

Bridgers did not spend too much time speaking to the crowd or introducing her songs, other than mentions of: "Here's another gloomy one," and "This is for kids who had to call Child Services." The music and stage and performance speaks for itself.

When Bridgers arrived at the night’s befitting closer, “I Know the End,” the house projected behind her went up in flames, the blaze spreading as the track unraveled. As momentum built with crescendoing vocals and drums and J.J. Kirkpatrick on a wailing trumpet, Bridgers and the entire theatre broke out into a definitive primal howl– the house completely aflame in the background. That scream rattled the stage and seats, felt in our skeleton bones.

Photos by Alex Kluft