PhantomFocus Presents Audio Experts Roundtable

As part of its ongoing series of educational roundtable discussions about the PhantomFocus Monitor System, Carl Tatz Design is introducing the fourth in the series, titled PhantomFocus Roundtable Episode 4 – Audio Experts Edition.
In this episode, Michael Rodriguez of the AudioNowcast podcast moderates a distinguished panel of recording luminaries including Warren Huart(multi-platinum producer, songwriter, mixer and creator of the TEC Award-winning Produce Like a Pro YouTube channel) and Bobby Owsinski (music business writer having published over 27 books, including a #1 best-seller on Amazon, two popular and award-winning blogs, television appearances on CNN and ABC as a music branding and audio expert, a spot as a senior contributor to Forbes, his Inner Circle Podcast, and much more).
They are joined by three-time PhantomFocus MixRoom owners and hit songwriters Monty Powell and Anna Wilson, along with Carl Tatz – award-winning studio designer, monitoring expert and creator of the Phantom Focus Monitor System.
View the session here: