Carl Tatz Design Revisits The Grip II Studio on Rascal Flatts’ 20th Anniversary

Jay DeMarcus' The Grip II studio in Nashville, TN, has been the home of multi-platinum-selling records, countless number-one hits, and ACM-, CMA-, Dove-, and GRAMMY award-winning records.

Designed and built in 2008 by TEC Award-Winning studio designer and monitoring expert Carl Tatz, it is widely perceived as the crown jewel of Nashville personal recording studios, The Grip II is a sprawling studio complex featuring two PhantomFocus MixRooms - one in Studio A, and another in The Wine Cellar production room. Highlights of the studio also include a custom floating plenum amp closet, a state-of-the-art screening room lounge with an eleven-foot-wide retractable acoustically transparent projection screen with a JBL Synthesis immersive sound system, and a three-story elevator to the artist’s residence.

“When I contacted Carl Tatz over a decade ago to help me design and build a second studio for me, little did I know what a remarkable, creative space it would turn out to be,” said Jay DeMarcus, co-founder of Rascal Flatts.

One of the most influential and successful country groups in history, now celebrating its 20th anniversary. DeMarcus’ trajectory has expanded his talent exponentially into a myriad of avenues including producer, songwriter, author, actor, and most recently Owner/CEO of Red Street Records, an exciting new contemporary Christian label based in Nashville.

“What started out as just a place for me to work on my own projects turned into a world-class recording facility that producers, engineers and players from all over the world enjoy working in,” states DeMarcus. “It provides an experience that you can’t get anywhere else: it’s comfortable and laid back, while also being a state-of-the-art studio. The control room in the A room is exceptional with its use of space, and the drum room sounds massive in spite of its dimensions. One of Carl’s many talents is his ability to make the most of the space he has to work with; every single inch counts and is used to its maximum potential. And last but not least, the PhantomFocus™ System is unequaled when it comes to clarity, tightness on the bottom end, and connectivity across the entire sonic spectrum. There are simply no ‘holes’ in the listening experience.”

Working in the finest recording studios all over the world, DeMarcus believes there are very few places he would ever prefer over on the sonic excellence of The Grip II. As techniques and protocols evolve, The Grip II has been able to keep up-to-date with the latest PhantomFocus™ technology.

“I would have to say that The Grip II is one of our singular proudest achievements, and I don’t think any other project has ever had the extreme attention to detail that this amazing studio displays, and that is mainly because of Jay’s passion to go the extra mile. This is very evident in every facet of the design and build, right down to the Vox Wah-Wah pedal door pushes, Fender Jazz Bass door pulls, and elevator shaft lightbox photo of Rascal Flatts on stage and Jay playing Bass at Abbey Road. Congratulations to Rascal Flatts on their extraordinary 20-year anniversary!” said Carl Tatz.