Pandora Reveals Latin Artists to Watch in 2020

With a new decade that finally has a name we can remember, a new crop of Latin artists and sounds look to make an indelible impact right out of the gate in the first months of 2020. From corridos and norteñas to baladas and banda, Regional Mexican music continues to evolve and drive a huge portion of the Latin listenership on Pandora. We're excited to see what's next from Natanael Cano, Cheli Madrid, Grupo Firme, Adrián Chaparro and Jorge Almir. With the domination of urban music in Latin pop, we believe 2020 will mark a return to a more classic Latin pop sound, led by innovative songwriters like Camilo, Luis Figueroa and Cami. R&B was all the buzz in Latin music this past year, and that buzz will only grow this year with the innovative artistry of Paloma Mami and Omar Apollo. Urban music will continue its domination of Latin listening on Pandora, but don't look for the same old same old in 2020; artists like Mariah, Lalo Ebratt, Eladio Carrión, Dímelo Flow and Haze are redefining the genre for new audiences. And for those who are looking to take a detour outside of the big genres, artists like Elsa y Elmar, La Doña and Ed Maverick are breaking down barriers with their unique voices. We are excited to see what takes shape in the Latin music world through the next 12 months.

Pandora's 2020 Latin Artists To Watch can be heard right HERE.

Pandora's 2020 Latin Artists To Watch:

  1. Natanael Cano
  2. Grupo Firme
  3. Jorge Almir
  4. Adrián Chaparro
  5. Cheli Madrid
  6. Camilo
  7. Luis Figueroa
  8. CAMI
  9. Paloma Mami
  10. Omar Apollo
  11. Mariah
  12. Lalo Ebratt
  13. Eladio Carrión
  14. Dímelo Flow
  15. HAZE
  16. Elsa Y Elmar
  17. La Doña
  18. Ed Maverick