Novation Launch Control XL & Launchpad S


Novation Launch Control XL & Launchpad S


Novation Launch Control XL is the ultimate mixer and device controller for Ableton Live. Immerse yourself in your music using eight 60mm faders and tweak your effects, devices, and plug-ins with 24 LED-enhanced knobs and 16 multi-color performance buttons.

Used in tandem with Novation Launchpad S's powerful 64-button grid, Launch Control XL offers an unprecedented Live control experience. Whether you're triggering clips in the session view or playing drum racks with satisfying LED feedback, Launch Control XL aligns perfectly with Launchpad’s intuitive 8x8 surface. You can even combine multiple units for some serious music making mayhem!

Novation make gear for you to play, create and perform music; Novation specializes in designing analog modeling synthesizers and high quality MIDI keyboards and controllers, including the 'Launchpad' Ableton Live controller, the publicly revered 'SL MkII' keyboard series, the Nova range and Bass Station II synthesizers, and most recently, the ‘Launch’ range of USB iOS MIDI Controllers. Novation products are designed by musicians/producers who use the gear they design every day, and are always looking for fresh ideas. This is the reason bedroom producers and A-list artists alike use Novation hardware: because it has been designed by and for musicians. From the recording studio to the DJ booth, these products are freeing musicians to create and perform with their own workflow.

Retail value of the product = $500.00