Nothing More

Nothing More at House of Blues San Diego

The House of Blues played host to an incredible night of music. On Mar 2, the San Diego venue opened its doors to The Noise Presents Nothing More: The Stories We Tell Ourselves Tour. Featuring special guests The Contortionist, a progressive metal band from Indiana; Big Story, the Dallas alternative/progressive rock band; and Kirra, an Oklahoma City-based rock band.

Nothing More, the visionary San Antonio rockers, are a force to be reckoned with in today’s rock music scene. Modern-day masters at blending elements of alternative rock and progressive metal for a groundbreaking sound, Nothing More released their fifth studio album, The Stories We Tell Ourselves in September 2017. The second release via Eleven Seven Music Group/Better Noise Records, The Stories We Tell Ourselves is a showcase in maturity and creativity. The 18-track album doubled the first-week sales of the band’s breakout 2014 self-titled album, debuting #3 on the Billboard Rock Albums chart.

Nominated for three Grammy Awards, including Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance for its single "Go To War" as well as Best Rock Album for The Stories We Tell Ourselves makes the Texas hard rock band one of the hottest live tickets in the music scene today. The headlining month-long North American trek catered to extraordinary demand kicking off on Feb. 3 in Little Rock, Arkansas and finished on March 3 at the Ace of Spades in Sacramento, California.

Nothing More is celebrated for their engaging and dynamic live performances. The group, consisting of the exceptional vocals and energy of frontman Jonny Hawkins, guitarist Mark Vollelunga, bassist Daniel Oliver, and drummer Ben Anderson, packed the 1,000 capacity HOB main room with wall-to-wall enthusiastic rock fans young and old.

Nothing More took the stage in front of a crowd that had been anxiously awaiting their arrival. The compelling set covered a kick-ass cross-section of material from the band’s 2014 self-titled album, and 2017s The Stories We Tell Ourselves. They opened their show with “Christ Copyright” from their 2014 release, and away they went. The crowd was exhilarated with the high energy favorites as they were precisely the songs everyone came to hear; avid fans burst into full fist-pumping glory.

Highlights of the evening were the smash hits, “Go to War," and "Jenny," the very personal single about Hawkins’ sister and her bipolar struggle. Slowing things down a bit and exposing the softer side of Nothing More, was the heartfelt acoustic ballad, “Just Say When,” written about the end of an eight-year relationship.

One thing you notice right away when experiencing Nothing More live; these guys are in shape and highly energetic, especially frontman Jonny Hawkins; it was awesome to see. And their sound— phenomenal as they took us through a 17-song set, including their signature three-member bass solo which is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Nothing More is one of the driving forces behind the resurgence of rock in North America and abroad. Unafraid to experiment with electronic sounds and some non-typical timing, Nothing More has unlocked a captivating sound and style; both progressive and emotional. Mixing aggressive parts (e.g., technical, relentless drumming, head-banging killer riffs, booming bass) fortified with unforgettable melodies showcasing Hawkins’ dynamic vocal range.

The group’s innovative music is known for their powerful message songs, laced with intense lyrics characterizing everything from social critiques, love, sex, lies, and death; lyrically profound, yet open to personal interpretation. These four make music that makes grown men cry.

Nothing More just has it; to appreciate their honest, passionate art, you need to experience them in the live arena. Their journey, perfectly synced. Their commitment, unwavering. Their impact, forever.


  1. “Christ Copyright”
  2. “Let ‘em Burn”
  3. “Mr. MTV”
  4. “Don’t Stop”
  5. “First Punch”
  6. “Bass Solo”
  7. “Ripping Me Apart”
  8. “Go to War”
  9. “Just Say When”
  10. “Do You Really Want It?”
  11. “Here’s to the Heartache”
  12. “Fadein/Fadeout”
  13. “Jenny”
  14. “Ocean Floor”
  15. “This Is The Time” (Ballast)
  16. “First of the Year” (Equinox)
  17. “Salem” (Burn the Witch)