New Music Critique: Movie Club


From growling guitar tones to raw-stick rimshots, the minimalist duo Movie Club make it clear they’re out to tap into the gooey marrow of instrumental rock & roll. “Surf Basement” stands as a short intro to the band’s studiously anti-slick sound, where Vince Cuneo’s guitar and Jessamyn Violet’s drums are close-miked to capture their instruments’ crackling essence. “Live Free or Die” has some nice moments, and the inclusion of a bass player really helps crank up the vitality. The snarling, sludgy “Snurfing U.S.A.” has a confrontational vibe––and a crashing guitar section––that could enhance a dramatic action flick. Movie Club still have a ways to go, and it should be fun getting there.

Contact: [email protected] Web: movieclubtheband.com Seeking: Everything
Style: Garage Rock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTLUxe3V0ng