Nixer Pro Audio Adds RL256 to RL Series

Nixer Pro Audio specializes in developing, designing and manufacturing high quality and cost-effective AoIP tools. The RL256, which offers confidence monitoring for high channel count, as well as a clear and intuitive touch display, is ideal for rapid source selection during demanding live events and broadcast transmissions.

Originally, the RL units were designed for use within large multichannel broadcast Master Control Rooms, and with the addition of RL256 an operator can now access up to 256 channels from a single monitoring position, making it ideal for not only Master Control Rooms, but also AoIP-equipped Outside Broadcast trucks.

With four base models in the RL Series, RL256 is the latest and largest addition to the range. It offers connection for 256 AoIP channels, but with the important note that each of the four Ethernet ports, each carrying 64 channels, can be tailored to offer 1-4 Dante ports or 1-4 Ravenna ports in any combination. 

For more information, visit the Nixer Pro Audio at nixerproaudio.com