Rockgodz Hall of Fame 2023 Induction

The ROCKGODZ Hall of Fame has announced that the 2023 awards show will be held on July 21, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee at the legendary Bowie's Rock 'n' Roll Club. This event will honor some of the most influential musicians and industry leaders in rock music history.

The original members of Vanilla Fudge, (Carmine Appice, Mark Stein, Vince Martell, Pete Bremy and in honorarium, Tim Bogert), Pat Travers (Pat Travers Band), Steve Popovich Sr., (Legendary record promoter for CBS records under Clive Davis, President at Cleveland Internal Records and Polygram Records Nashville), Mike Curb, (Founder of Curb Records and Music Business Impresario and Philanthropist), Bob Bender, (Host and Producer on Business Side of Music, an established music industry veteran with years of major label and indie artist experience) and many more will be honored at the ceremony for their incredible contributions to rock music. This gathering will celebrate unsung heroes behind Rock and Roll’s most legendary musicians and most famous instrumentation on chart-topping albums. 

Rock and roll legends will honor their own during a celebration of music with passion and talent at its core, bringing recognition to individual musicians who built the legacy of rock music. All RockGodz Hall of Fame inductees are selected by inductee alumni, their peers, which continues to make the organization highly respected by the music community. This year’s Event will include an Award Show and Dinner followed by live musical performances from Vanilla Fudge, Pat Travers, Todd Sharp Band and RockGodz Hall of Fame All Star Band Jam. 

Our mission is to acknowledge the contributions of a group of stunningly gifted musicians and professionals who flew under the radar while delivering to the world music that has orchestrated the soundtrack of many lives,” said Cindy Landeen, RockGodz Hall of Fame Founder.  We believe that these virtuosos, maestros, and those working in the trenches behind the scenes need not wait any longer to be recognized and acknowledged for their part in rock and roll history.  In the day they may have been relatively unknown to the music world and fans at large but RockGodz Hall of Fame has purposely taken on the challenge and goal of celebrating their achievements.”  

Additional 2023 Inductees include: Sandy Gennaro (American rock drummer, author, musician, public speaker, and mentor who recorded and toured with many musical artists including Blackjack, The Monkees, Pat Travers, Cyndi Lauper and Joan Jett.), Todd Sharp (Lead guitarist that has toured with may including Hall & Oates, Christine McVie, Mick Fleetwood to Rod Stewart and many more), , Tom Zutaut  (Founded the American record label The Enclave and former A&R executive for Geffen Records best known for signing Motley Crue and Guns N' Roses), and Don Adkins (Music Industry Photographer with over 4 decades of achievements including 25 record covers including the first Motley Crue record cover.)

RockGodz Hall of Fame is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  All events and initiatives are funded by ticket sales, sponsorships, volunteers, and donations.

Tickets are available for purchase Eventbrite: eventbrite.com/e/rockgodz-hall-of-fame-honors-vanilla-fudge-pat-travers-and-more-tickets-627683557417