NEW TOYS: Wavesfactory Equalizer

In the plug-in drop down list you'll see a processor called Equalizer listed along with Trackspacer and other worthwhile processors from Wavesfactory. 

Equalizer is called an "automatic EQ" with 32-bands of overlapping, self-analyzing equalizers with fixed Qs of 2 that work down at sample level and with zero-latency. The ultimate goal is to have all 32 frequency bands "corrected" or made equal in energy based on a pre-determined internal target level and not some algorithm or specific curve. If one of the bands is below the target, it is boosted and conversely, if another band is above the target it is reduced.

For applying your own desired EQ, you have complete control over each of the bands using 32 individual +/- sliders. The beautiful display shows the relative level(s) of each of the bands in real-time. There is also the large Amount control that groups all the bands together to fine-tune the overall strength of the applied EQ—the default value of 50% allows for doubling at full CW or halving the strength of the EQ at CCW.

Equalizer works great as a channel EQ for individual tracks like bass, guitars, keyboards, or vocals or as a program/bus EQ, for mastering across the stereo bus as a finishing touch. Interesting features include Mid/Side processing for EQ only the left and right channels and not changing the mono or center channel. This has the effect of widening the stereo sound stage if you use a Brighten preset.

Way too much to go into deep detail here but there are features not on other EQs such as a delta boost and cut modes where you may solo and listen to just the part of the sound that Equalizer is affecting. There are also the Attack and Release controls for setting how quickly (or not) the EQ is applied. Check it out!   Get the demo or buy it for $59 MSRP.