NEW TOYS: PSP Stereo Controller2

PSP Stereo Controller2 is a redesigned version of the original PSP Stereo Controller, now with an updated resizable interface (GUI) and the ability to fix many common stereo audio problems. However, I use it in my music mixing more as a remarkable effect plug-in.

The Correlation meter checks the mono compatibility of any stereo audio file—an important last test when mixing. At the end of a mix, I always check on my stereo mixes especially when using 3D-like widening effects. For fixing live recordings using multiple microphones, there is up to 2ms of delay available to repair mismatched microphone distances of up to 68cm or 2 feet.

I especially liked the Stability control for balancing the L/R sides without affecting center-panned tracks or mono compatibility. The Center control will reposition center-panned signals/tracks anywhere from left to right. I also found the "flow chart" and included manual very useful reading that has caveats about excessive manipulation of the stereo field, phase and polarity. The plug-in's controls has values that turn red when you exceed the safe limits of phase manipulation. I like that feature a lot!

Everything you need to analyze, manipulate or fix stereo audio comes with PSP Stereo Controller2. It has zero latency and runs in all current DAW programs. It sells for $99.