New Toys: Warm Audio Warmdrive

Warm Audio's Warmdrive is an overdrive pedal that pays homage to the original "Dumble amp in a box" overdrive pedal called Hermida Audio Zendrive. This stomp box overdrive pedal depends on a very careful circuit design and component choices when you would use it to dial in a transparent overdrive tone. Or push a tube amp into saturation, or get a solo guitar sound with heroic authority. Warm Audio's Warmdrive uses premium components like 2N7000 MOSFETs and 1N34A Germanium and Schottky BAT41 diodes. 

The four front panel controls are positioned and named exactly like the ZenDrive pedal. Warmdrive is a small sized unit with an interactive voice/tone stack. The Voice control boosts or cuts treble before the clipper (distortion) section and the Tone control adjust the brightness after that stage.

We thought this pedal offered a tight sound when connected to my small 5-watt tube guitar amp. My guitar player, producer Mikal Reid, used a stock '60s Fender Telecaster and got a hot sounding boost at a comfortable sound level with my guitar amp set totally clean. We liked all the dynamic sounds up to saturated cascading gain tones for standouts and solos. This is a good pedal! 

The new Warm Audio Warmdrive sells for $149 MSRP and it is used a lot in my studio these days!