New Toys: Tech 21 SansAmp Character Plus Series Pedals

Tech 21 has broadened out the original Character Series pedals into four separate pedal board units. Each separately define the unique interaction of classic guitar amps and certain popular stomp pedals.

There are: Screaming Blonde, a Fender-style amp with Tube Screamer-styled pedal; English Muffy is a HiWatt-style amp with Big Muff-styled pedal; Fuzzy Brit is a Marshall-style amp along with a Fuzz Face pedal; and Mop Top Liverpool has to be a Vox-style amp connected to a Rangemaster Booster.

There are built-in speaker simulations individually tuned to match each of the speaker/cabinet configurations associated with each amplifier type. Finally, a three-band active EQ and XLR balanced audio output connector completes each Character Series pedal board.

Even if you were not even born yet, you can enjoy the sounds from the years when these amps and pedals came out and were used on classic records back in the day. Each of the four new Character Plus Series pedals measures 7.75L x 2.5W x 1.25H-inches and weighs 12 oz. They offer two channels, with independent SansAmp circuits and effects sections—sort of a stomp box within a stomp box. You may connect and use the SansAmp on its own or use the effects section with other pre-amps/amplifiers.

The all-analog SansAmps Character Plus Series pedals can be used as stand-alone pre-amps to drive a power amp, a studio mixer, or a PA system, or to complement your existing amp.