New Toys: Spitfire Abbey Road One Grand Brass

The Abbey Road One Grand Brass library was recorded by multi-Grammy winning engineer Simon Rhodes (Harry Potter) at the Abbey Road’s iconic Studio One using their legendary microphones and outboard gear. Performed by London’s first-call session musicians, Grand Brass has awesome performances of horns and tuba plus a unique combination of horns and cellos.

I found it beautifully orchestrated and pre-produced; just load the library, start playing, and sound great instantly. The samples are beautifully mellow and a big winner here when we wanted a warm and cohesive sound.

This bite-size library consists of eight playing techniques or sounds conveniently arranged in one patch under a set of simple and intuitive controls. Playing techniques include: shorts, longs, swells, and Spitfire Audio’s new legato patches. The legato patches are beautiful and expressive with their soaring legato patches definitely now in the toolkit.

By playing with one hand on the mod wheel, it’s easy to adjust the microphone mix specifically to your needs. This simple technique expands the expressive range considerably; check the Spitfire walkthrough video to see that the warm and controlled samples come to life just using your keyboard's Mod wheel.

I can recommend the Spitfire Abbey Road One Grand Brass library to my producer and composer colleagues who want to add a touch of class with a smooth, pre-orchestrated and classy brass sound.

Just one part of the full Spitfire Abbey Road library, Grand Brass sells for $49 MSRP and is a great way to add a classy color to your music. Grand Brass is available as a stand-alone library or as an addition to the Abbey Road One Orchestral Foundations.