New Toys: LiquidSonics Cinematic Rooms Plug-In

Cinematic Rooms is LiquidSonics’ reverb plug-in that supports up to 7.1.6 channels for Dolby ATMOS® and other immersive, surround sound formats. An ongoing challenge with multi-channel reverbs has been met by a new DSP technique that enables the mixer to shape and position de-correlated reflections in patterns easily and avoid cancellations and build-ups. It will run in mono/stereo/surround, LCR, Stereo, 4.0/Quad, 5.0/5.1, 7.0/7.1, 7.0.2, and 7.1.2 channel widths. I tested in Pro Tools HDX and I liked that each of these channel modes are represented by separate instances in the pull-down menu.

I mostly mix in stereo and I can report on how well it works in my Pro Tools HDX system—well enough to be included in my music-mixing template now! It uses minimal CPU—I could run 16 instances on my 16 stereo summing master stems using the Wet/Dry control on each instance. Now I can add in ambience to any stem as required. That’s amazing, as I use a 10-year-old dual four-core MAC running OS 10.13.6.

I like the big spaces programs like “Amethyst Hall” or in the Spaces folder, “Helios Space”—an epic sounding reverb. I found tight dry spaces good for my pop music mixing work such as the presets “Parched” or “Dark Cellar.” I think there are a lot of spectacular short rooms simulations here and well worth using in any mix.

So far, I am never disappointed and always surprised at how good this reverb is. I highly recommend Cinematic Rooms because of its range of powerful new workflow capabilities in an approachable and attractive interface.

There are two versions: the Professional version at $249, and Standard at $129. Cinematic Rooms supports: Mac and PCs running AAX Native, VST2.4/3, AU and 64-bit DAWs.