New Toys: KRK V8 Series 4 Near-Field Studio Monitors

KRK’s V Series 4 near-field studio monitors are ideal for audio production applications where accurate reproduction is required. The V8 Series 4, like the V4 Series 4 and V6 Series 4 monitors, have 14 different selectable EQ settings using two separate 7-position rotary switches for the high and low frequency drivers. Not only may you dial the sound to suit your preferences, you can also compensate for your room’s acoustics and/or the physical placement of the V Series 4 monitors in the room. These front-ported bass reflex enclosures allow complete flexibility in positioning—even right up against your front wall if you must.

The KRK V8 is the largest two-way monitor in the V Series 4 range, and it features a 1-inch tweeter and 8-inch woofer both made from Kevlar in that distinctive yellow color. There are two Class-D amplifiers with 230-watts (total) with 200-watts for the woofer and 30-watts for the tweeter for up to 118 dB of peak SPL. Frequency response is 35Hz to 19kHz +/- 3dB.

I set up two V8 monitors and connected them using the Neutrik combo (XLR and TRS) connectors to my Cranesong Avocet II monitor controller; they weigh a little over 31-lbs each. I played various mixes I’ve been working on and I liked that there is an input level attenuation switch that ranges from -3.0 to 0.0dB in seven steps. It is easy to match volume to my other powered monitors that are less sensitive and quieter than the V8s.

I found the V8s to sound very good set just flat—as they come in the box. If I wanted a brighter sound, I could just set to taste—nice to have that ability! They look cool and they came with protective grilles for the drivers to move them from gig to gig! They sell for $799 MSRP.