New Toys: Kali Audio IN-UNF Ultra-Nearfield Studio Monitoring System

Latest in Kali's Project Independence series is the IN-UNF—an Ultra Nearfield system designed for placement right on your desktop with the left and right satellite speakers no more than about 0.8-meters from your ears (an arm's length). The L/R satellites use the concentric mid-range/tweeter drivers from Kali's IN-5 and IN-8 monitors housed in small, enclosures that sit on isolating "pucks" that prevent them from vibrating your desktop surface. The high frequency driver uses a 1-inch dome tweeter that is concentric to a 4-inch mid-range driver—just like my IN-8 mains.

A third cabinet measuring 19.4 W X 11.6 H X 5.25 D-inches handles the low frequencies starting at 39Hz. In addition to the three Class-D amplifiers, this cabinet also has the power supply, DIP-switches to adjust the Boundary EQs and master volume controls. The manual is helpful with various setup options, and all required cables are included.

There are four stereo input choices: an USB-C jack (computer audio connection), optical digital input (24-bit/48kHz), balanced TRS lines, and unbalanced -10dBv 3.5mm jacks. 

I set up my UNF systems so that the two satellites are 31.5-inches or 0.8 meters apart, center-to-center on either side of my 29-inch computer screen. 0.8 meters is the same distance from my left and right ears (respectively) to the L/R satellites.

The bass unit lives directly behind my computer screen and there are two, horizontally opposed 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers on each end of its cabinet.

I am impressed with this system! The IN-UNF sounds very close to my IN-8 monitors on stands. The IN-8s have just slightly deeper bass but overall produce about the same volume and musical balance when I switch back and forth using my monitor controller. I find it easy to mix on them and, just like my IN-8s; the mixes translate well and much better than when using only headphones.

The Kali Audio IN-UNF system sells for $599 MSRP.