New Toys: Ingram Engineering EQ52 See Saw EQ/Filter

After the success of the EQ50 See Saw EQ/Filter in a single-slot 500-series module, Eric Ingram has followed up with the EQ52, an updated, greatly expanded version of this unique audio tool. Like the EQ50, the Ingram EQ52 combines low cut and high cut filters with a See Saw EQ that uses a single control to simultaneously boost in one band of frequencies and reduce in another band.

Below the hardwire bypass button, the passive Low Cut section of the EQ52 module now has its own In/Out bypass button and a switch to toggle between the low range from 50Hz to 500Hz, and the high range from 700Hz to 5kHz. This is a very gentle -6dB/octave change and being split into two ranges allows for more precision with high pass filtering for mixes or individual tracks.

Below is the See Saw EQ section with two switchable “pivot” frequency ranges. The pivot frequency would be the exact point at which above and below frequencies are affected by this filter. The lower range is 120Hz to 1.7kHz and the higher range is from 1.9Khz to 26kHz labeled in red. A single control knob at the top of this section simultaneously boosts the highs and cuts lows when turned toward HF or boosts lows and cuts highs when turned toward LF. At the bottom of the module is the Hi Cut section that is a continuously variable -6dB/octave filter ranging from 3kHz to 200kHz.

Two EQ52s were sent for evaluation and they plugged right into my 500 rack. The EQ52s are useful for individual tracks as well as a mastering EQ; the sound is pristine and transparent. I had great success using the EQ52s as a stereo mastering touch up tool. When I just wanted to add a subtle touch without adding harmonic or phase distortion. It worked well to clear up lower mid-range build up and for other subtractive EQ changes.

The Ingram Engineering EQ52 See Saw EQ/Filter sells for $410 MSRP and is available from dealers.