New Toys: Evans Drumheads Snare Tune-Up Kits

Evans Drumheads is offering two new Snare Tune-Up Kits. These are great for any drummer or even beginning musician who wants the tools, materials and most importantly, the instructions to modify, adjust, and maintain their snare drums. A good sounding snare drum is crucial, acting as the center of the kit's overall sound and the music's vibe—everyone knows a good (as well as bad) sounding snare drum. 

The new Snare Tune-Up Kits are available in either a UV1 or Calftone head version. You get Evans' Microfiber cloth, a unique drum key, Lug Lube, hardware polish, a pair of Barney Beats ProMark Rebound 5A drumsticks, a Snare Side 300 drumhead and a 2-pack sampler of the new Evans EQ Pods.

The UV1 Snare Tune-Up kit is available in 13 & 14-inch sizes with Puresound Custom Pro snare wires, best for Rock, Metal, and Funk/R&B kits. The Calftone Snare Tune-Up Kit is available in a 14-inch size with Puresound Concert Series snare wires, ideal for Jazz which provides a classic warm, and full, rich tone. Both Snare Tune-Up Kits provide sonic versatility and durability.