New Toys: D.W. Fearn Updates The VT-2

Doug Fearn updates his VT-2 Dual Channel Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamplifier. Now, in addition to recording, this ultra-high fidelity class-A microphone pre-amp can be used as a line level amplifier during mixing and/or mastering to impart its wonderful tube color and presence to stereo line level signals.

Previously the separate D.W. Fearn LP-1 Line Pad unit was required to lower the level going into the VT-2. The A and B Input rotary switches now have a fourth Line position that adds to the 0dB, -20dB, Lo-Z positions. In the Line position, a 43-dB attenuator is engaged in the signal path.

All the new VT-2 Dual Channel units will come this way and it makes them equally at home in recording, mixing, and mastering. Also recently, the entire VT line of gear has been optimized to eliminate the need for an internal cooling fan. Fans have a way of becoming noisy with age (the bearings wear out) and even though the fans in D.W. Fearn gear have always been dead quiet, having no fan at all is even quieter.

Like all D.W. Fearn products, the VT-2 uses an all class-A vacuum tube audio path, and is handcrafted in the US using only the finest components available. The new VT-2, from D.W. Fearn | Hazelrigg Industries sells for $5,500 MSRP.