New Gear Review: Rockn Stompn Power Strip

The Rockn Stompn® Model RS–4 sequential power strip fires up a musician’s rig—a guitarist or keyboardist’s amp(s), pedal boards and effects rack in a pre-determined sequence that reverses the sequence when powering down. Turning all your gear on at the same time can send a potentially destructive and loud electronic “pop” through your amp and speakers: a momentary stress on expensive gear—not good.

AC power sequencers are commonplace in pro recording studios and post-production houses. The RS-4 is rated at 15-amps total power handling and has four, duplex AC outlets with onboard power conditioning—surge protection, over voltage/current protection and EMI/RFI noise filtering. The four AC power sockets are spaced far enough apart to accommodate wall wart power supplies.

Two 16-position miniature rotary switches set different inter-socket delay times for both the on and off sequences anywhere from 0 to 15 seconds time. AC power is switched on/off using microprocessor-controlled relays and a conventional stomp button is used for triggering on and off sequences.

For guitar players, when turning your rig on, your pedals’ wall warts or rack effects would power up first in the sequence with your power amp(s) or guitar amp(s) coming on last. When shutting down, the sequence is reversed—the guitar amp off first and then the effect pedals.

I used the Rockn Stompn with my Fender guitar amp plugged into the fourth outlet and two pedal wall wart power supplies in sockets 1 (Tube Screamer) and 2 (MXR Phase 90). I went with a 10-second delay time and that would be a total of 30 seconds total by the time the tube amp at the end would get power.

The awesome Rockn Stompn Sequential Power Strip is rated at 120VAC and 15 amps and is well made with a welded stainless steel enclosure. It sells for $379 MSRP.

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