New Toys: Cubasis 3 For Android

Previously only available for the Mac iOS platform, Android lovers will want Steinberg’s Cubasis 3 version for “on the go” editing and recording. The Cubasis mixer takes advantage of the display’s size and includes useful zoom modes and accurate level metering for every track. The Group Tracks feature combines multiple tracks so that they can be processed and mixed as though they were a single track—handy! Users can add up to eight insert and eight send effects, all included in Cubasis.

Many other feature additions and capabilities in Cubasis 3 include:

MIDI resolution is now 960 pulses per quarter note, 75 new effects presets, Undo has been reinvented with a history list, there are redesigned instruments and effects, updated and improved audio and an automation editor.

Cubasis 3 is $49.99 and can be purchased as a downloadable app through the App Store and Google Play.