New Toys: AKG Lyra Ultra-HD, Multimode USB Microphone

The AKG Lyra Microphone is a USB microphone system capable of 24-bit high-quality audio with up to 192kHz sample resolution. Lyra’s key features include its ability to pick up sound optimized for specific applications for pristine audio quality. Using AKG’s Adaptive Capsule Array, you may switch between four different microphone mode/configurations possible with four condenser capsules inside.

The Mic Capture Mic Mode knob located on the back of the mic sets either: Front, Front & Back, Tight Stereo or Wide Stereo pick up patterns. Like a recording engineer, by carefully setting up a mic’s position and pickup pattern, you’ll achieve the best sound for any recording job.

Lyra is great for bloggers, live streaming, podcasters, voice over artists, and for recording vocals and musical instruments. The Front capture mode sensitizes the mic to only sound mostly coming into the front of the mic. The Front & Back mode is useful for “one-on-one” work where you (the interviewer) face the interviewee. Tight Stereo is for two people sitting side by side in front of the Lyra and Wide Stereo is for a wider stereo pickup pattern.

I tried Lyra with Audacity freeware; Lyra’s AKG C44 interface automatically came up in the software for both the stereo input and output devices. I started overdubbing guitar and vocals over a backing track. Front mode was great for most recordings but there was a chance to try the other modes when more singers showed up to sing backing vocals.

Sound quality was excellent and there was plenty of gain to record quieter acoustic guitars. I liked the front mounted Mute button for muting the microphone only; headphone audio is always active providing zero-latency playback. 

AKG Lyra comes plug n’ play with an USB-C adapter cable and sells for $149 MSRP.