New Toys: Aguilar Amplification Instrument & Speaker Cables

 Aguilar Amplification just came out with a new line of both 1/4-inch instrument cables and amp/speaker cabinet interconnects that both use Neutrik connectors and the finest cable stock. These cables were designed by and for bassists; you get solid and durable road-worthy cables “you could use to tow a car with,” yet they have a superior, transparent sound! 

I received two speaker/amp cables, a three-foot and a six-footer. First of all, the custom Neutrik Speakon connectors have crush-proof metal covers (my regular ones do not) and the cable stock is covered in braided polyester wrap similar to the stuff used for bullet proof vests. 

The 3-foot cable is perfect for connecting a speaker cabinet with the amp head sitting directly on top of it. I found the six-foot cable reached perfectly for using an alternate cabinet sitting nearby. Andy Fuchs’ Clean Machine II 50-watt amp top sounded great through these cables for either cabinet—all I had to do is keep both Aguilar cables connected to the cabinets and their amp-end connectors available. Switching cabinets is quick and there are no exposed connectors that can short out. 

The instrument cables come in 10- and 20-foot versions with either a right-angled to straight plug at each end or straight plugs at both ends. 

I like using a right-angled plug at the amp input jack and a straight plug into my Stratocaster guitar, while others might like the other way around such as when playing a Les Paul where a right-angle plug does not stick out any further than necessary and the cable can loop through the end pin and strap. The Aguilar Instrument & Speaker cables are now available at select retailers with prices to be announced.