new music critiques Christiana Grace

New Music Critiques: Christiana Grace


Christiana Grace kicks off her churning “Take A Fall” with the chorus, cutting right to the chase. The song’s production creates an echoing hall of mirrors, all of which can sound cool, but the overall effect overshadows Grace’s impressive vocal tones. In “If I Have Your Heart,” she’s a woman in the throes of a rocky relationship, while in “Ease My Pain” the artist seems to find her perfect situation––a dance-pop song. Starting with just her dusky voice, a raw piano and ambient sounds, the tune graduates to a surging dance number hampered by trite lyrics. Grace has a lovely, husky voice and alluring sonic visions; we urge her to team up with a provocative lyricist who can bring more dimension to her material.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: christianagrace.com

Seeking: Publishing Deal
Style: R&B, Pop

Christiana Grace - "Take a Fall"

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