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New Music Critiques: Auburn Row


This foursome led by Alex Cross perform with prog-rock precision, delivering insanely accurate flurries of notes on these impassioned, sometimes strange, always challenging tunes fueled by the anguish of busted relationships. With a whining, Geddy Lee-like tone, Cross sings with accusatory intensity on “Forever and Always.” Then he’s reflective on “A Million Lies” whose hushed, heartfelt piano break is especially affecting. For all the virtuosity on display, we were most impressed by the more understated “Out of Time,” a poignant song whose soulful subtleties are easier to absorb. Auburn Row has more work to do before their execution reaches the high altitude of their ambition.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: facebook.com/auburnrow
Seeking: Booking, Radio, TV
Style: Rock/Alternative

Auburn Row - "Forever and Always"

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