New Music Critique: The Scooches   


The Scooches   
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Seeking: Review
Style: Folk, Singer-Songwriter

From Queens, NY, the Scooches’ new album is titled Lift You Up, and that is the overall thrust of these adeptly performed songs:  clean, crisp, positive-minded, family friendly.  The band delivers a heavy message with “Stop This Climate Change,” which is conveyed in plain English, giving it a theatrical vibe that’s maybe a bit overdone. Nevertheless, the song’s melodic and florid electric guitar solo is impressive, as are the finale’s world-music elements. “Lift” is a jazzy reggae-infused number that features a female lead vocalist occasionally joined by a scatting/growling Jamaican male.  “I Broke The Egg” is a downhome, bluegrass number, complete with a banjo and a fun fiddle excursion.