New Music Critique: Oh Lonesome Ana


Oh Lonesome Ana
Contact: [email protected]

Web: ohlonesomeana.com

Seeking: Film/TV, Booking
Style: Indie, Rock, Folk

Fronted by Evan Bailey, this foursome achieve an airy, naturalistic, uncluttered delivery, with Bailey’s Jackson Browne-ish vocals leading the way. It’s not the prettiest voice, but as on “Rushing Lattice,” its tone of honesty is loud and clear.  We especially like the backup singing by Ashley Maiden, who sweetens the punch on every tune. Next, the band’s humanistic core is what propels “I’m Glad You Got Out,” the singer expressing his regrets to a lover who left. The organ is excellent in the arrangement.  The downtempo 3/4 waltz-time “Dirt Road” has great drum and fuzz bass elements, but like the previous tune, we wish the band would inject more dynamics. There’s definitely room for them to shift gears, cut loose.