New Music Critique: Chagall Guevara


Chagall Guevara
Contact: [email protected]

Web: chagallguevara.com

Seeking: Booking
Style: Rock

The fivepiece Chagall Guevara has mounted a polished, super-tight, arena-rock attack that never lets up. There is an overall ‘80s undertone to this band (led by singer Steve Taylor) and though the melodies are familiar and the lyrics could be better, these guys can probably rock any venue.  Sporting a heavy riff, “Resurrection #9” is a solid rocker and Taylor’s gravelly vocals get good support from a backup contingent. When it all gels, you have the Guevara sound. “Got Any Change” has an amazing mix, including drum fills panned from left to right.  The sheer excitement of arena rock is again captured on “Surrender” with its megaphoned lead vocal and a grand finale in which the whole Chagall Guevara gang chimes in.