Nick Goodman

New Music Critique: Nick Goodman

L.A.-based U.K. native Nick Goodman utilizes good ol’ American country/western tunes as a platform for his humorous ditties which, on “I Wish I Was Great” (“but I’m just mediocre”), might take self-deprecation to an all-time high—er, low. Goodman is not much of a singer, but his range limitations only serve to add wonderfully to his songs’ comic effect, especially when things get philosophical. We can imagine “Unbroken,” his “fake it till ya make it” tale of perseverance, being used in an animated TV show (Family Guy, perhaps?). Finally, “Bar In My Car” has a catchy chorus and adds trombone to enhance the song’s humorous, man-on-a-downward bender theme.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: nickgoodmanmusic.com
Seeking: Publishing, Film/TV
Style: Indie Rock, Alt-Country