Neko Soto

New Music Critique: Neko Soto


NY-based composer/bassist Neko Soto has carved out a definite style and sound, one with an often light, appealing touch, and it is on full display in his recent, whimsically-titled, jazz-funk themes such as “Bodega Coffee.” On this piece, the composer melds a funky pulse with a spiralling supernatural synthesizer, conjuring a serenely eerie mindscape fit for a floating ghost. Next, the bright, more uptempo “Tax Cuts For Who, You?” adds percussive clapping/clacking to the formula which here emphasizes a bold jazzy hook. His most ambitious cut, “The Plumber’s Here,” suffers from an intro section that is simply too long. We advise Soto to scale down this composition and make it at least one minute shorter.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Instrumental, Funk, Indie