New Music Critique: Mustafa Khaliq Ahmed


Ahmed demonstrates formidable percussion prowess in this jazzy, low-key trio, whose material inspires them to strive for subtlety. Propelled by Ahmed's bongos and an armada of hand instruments, "At The Temple" allows a flute player to take flight and a standup bassist to never lag behind. Together these musicians serve the subtleties of the song. "The 41st" deftly contrasts fast percussion with mellow, melodic guitar, taking us on a tripped-out journey whose finale signals our ultimate arrival and deliverance. "Destination" evokes a land of mystery and features a decrescendo of percussion to introduce new elements. Ahmed and his hi-touch crew know how to achieve more with less.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: sonofthedrumsong.com

Seeking: Film/TV

Style: World/Jazz