Martell Lacey

New Music Critique: Martell Lacey


Martell Lacey invests gospel roots and pro backup experience into radio-friendly recordings that showcase a voice whose impressive range is ideal for conveying love and pain. “Spell On Me” has a nice mix of pop elements and some hip-hop beats, a slick swirl of sonics that lead to a hammering crescendo that is perfect for a club. He really nails the emotion on “Love Action,” which opens with a moody, eerie vibe that gives way to Lacey’s supple lead and a swell of spirit voices. Upbeat and danceable, “Phenomena” has bold, funky energy and a Jason Derulo vibe where Lacey knocks us out with his full, clean falsetto. We urge this talented singer to get with a lyricist who can take his words to the next level.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: martelllacey.com

Seeking: Booking, Film/TV

Style: R&B/Pop