New Music Critique: Juan Solo 7


Raleigh, NC band the Juan Solo 7 are “a little indie, a little shoegaze, a little metal, with lots of guitar”––a very apt description. “Roller Derby” has a nice groove and epitomizes the band’s attack, right down to the droney vocals, downstroked guitars and weird, grumpy-sounding element underneath it all. “The Best Part About Failure” is a polished, kinda catchy song, a positive, happy melody over hard, grungy drums. We especially dig the effects on the vocals here, as well as the jammin’ guitar solo. The visceral, abrasively metallic “My Place” is powered by aggressive guitars and its unrelenting attack wore thin on us. The JS7 is a tight, powerful band whose material is not up to the level of its technical skills.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: Spotify

Seeking: Label, Film/TV

Style: Alt-Rock