New Music Critique: Hotboi Ty


Hotboi Ty is ready to roll onto the hip-hop scene and compete with the likes of Roddy Ricch, Calboy, and any other melodic rapper in the game. He’s got a clear formula: full-bodied, sung bars over moody beats. It’s a style that’s massively prevalent today, and Ty has it down to a T. He’s got clear vocal talent, a knack for creating a catchy vocal lick and his production is spot on. His content feels pretty unoriginal on the surface, but Ty gets massive props where they’re due: in his ability to produce tracks that will hit every time. His music could see the radio tomorrow and could take the Internet by storm with the right combination of luck and clever media strategy.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: distrokid.com/hyperfollow/hotboity/shells-in-the-wind

Seeking: Exposure, Booking, Film/TV

Style: Hip-Hop, Rap