New Music Critique: John Torres


John Torres  
Contact: [email protected]

Web: johntorres.com

Seeking: Review, Booking
Style: Indie, Singer-Songwriter

Artist John Torrres achieves a simple yet effective intimacy on his recordings, taking care that his words and sentiments are always primary. “Finish Line” is typical of his work, thriving with a simple low-key arrangement that sets the stage for his nicely doubled voice to achieve full impact. “Outside” is more energetic and theatrical, driven by bass guitar, piano and brushes on the drums, not to mention a synth line and oddly fx’d guitar solo.  The vibe gets downtempo on the song “Away We Go,” but the message is inspiring and reassuring as the singer urges his lover to “Not be afraid. Put your hand in mine and away we go.” Hearing Torres’ (harmonically doubled) voice intone these lyrics is truly appealing.