Jess Puri

New Music Critique: Jess Puri


With just a lone instrument, UK-based acoustic folk guitarist Jess Puri keeps things short, simple and tasteful (and sometimes downright catchy) on a trio of instrumental themes. “Crescita” is altogether pleasant and calming, a showcase for Puri’s clean, accurate finger-and-fretwork. Some of us feel that this artist should put lyrics to “I Will Be Back” and develop the tune into a full-fledged ballad. “Feel Lost Without You” reminds us of the theme from the classic ‘70s film The Deer Hunter and suggests that Puri could look to submit some of these themes to film and television music supervisors. After developing more musicianship, Puri might want to experiment with overdubbing multiple parts.

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Style: Instrumental Acoustic-Fingerstyle