New Music Critique: h3o


Jazz devotees, especially those who dig the dawn of progressive jazz, might like this project by Seattle-based Jeff Herrmann. All of it is crisply performed and cleanly recorded—with apparently no synthesizer in sight. And while the compositions are solid, it's the nimble performances that sustain our interest. "Four What" starts out a bit frenzied but settles into an extremely fluid display of musicianship: saxophone, guitar, drums, and bass. We especially like "Little Mis Mystery," which begins with a soothing sax heralding a new day and goes on to achieve an alert yet relaxed vibe. The galloping "Cantaloupe Breath" is a vibrant exhibit of guitar and bass skill. A niche jazz label could be a good fit for these recordings.

Contact: [email protected]

Web: fullsoundrecording.com

Seeking: Distribution

Style: Prog Jazz