New Music Critique: Elexiona

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Web: unitedmasters.com/a/elexionamusic

Seeking: Label, Mgmt, Booking
Style: R&B Pop

Elexiona has a rich, Ariana Grande-like voice that goes well with her relationship-centric songs. Unfortunately, her breathy, appealing delivery is often inarticulate, leaving the listener baffled.  “Broken Promises,” as enticing as it is, would be so much better if her words were as clear as the emotion she puts behind them. “Down For The Night” is a sexy-sounding retro-funky R&B come-on (we assume, since her lyrics are indecipherable) accompanied by a lush, sexy track.  “These Days” suffers the most from her poor enunciation and is overwhelmed by the rich complexity of the track. This artist has a commercial, contemprary sound and she will increase her chances of success by working with an experienced vocal coach.