Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds at CMAC Performing Arts Center in Canandaigua, NY

It’s been 20 years since I’ve seen Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds perform an acoustic show together. In fact, that was the very first live version of Dave Matthews that I’d ever seen, back in the winter months of 1999 when they were touring college campuses. Honestly, I hadn’t yet even become a big fan of Dave Matthews yet, but I was a freshman in college and it was the biggest show on campus at the time, playing to a small theater at the University at Buffalo with a capacity of roughly 1,700 people. The experience was incredible! Seeing these two perform an evening of music with just a pair of acoustic guitars was unlike anything I’d seen before, and I was immediately hooked.

Fast forward to this summer, I was delighted to have the opportunity to cover one of just a few acoustic dates that Dave and Tim were performing. Adding to the intimacy of the evening was the backdrop of the exceptional CMAC Performing Arts Center, nestled in the woods of wine country in Canandaigua, NY. This was a substantially larger venue than my first show, with a virtually sold out capacity of 15,000 concertgoers.

The show began just after 8:30 pm, with the sun beginning to set in the background. They opened up with “Save Me” from Dave Matthew’s 2003 solo album, Some Devil. They immediately followed with “Grace is Gone” and “Grey Street” from Dave Matthew’s Band’s 2002 album Busted Stuff.

Throughout the course of the evening, Dave and Tim alternated between a set heavier on earlier material, with a respectable volume of selections from the later catalog (“Come Tomorrow,” “Do You Remember,” “Funny the Way It Is” and “You & Me).

For anyone that hasn’t been to a Dave Matthews Band show before, they perform in a very similar fashion to a band like Pearl Jam, in that you’ll virtually never see the same show twice. They vary their sets incredibly from night-to-night. This might be tough for a casual fan that’s hoping to go and catch a “greatest hits” kind of show, but it’s exactly this fact that drives people to follow bands like Dave Matthews on multiple shows every tour, in hopes of seeing as many of their favorite songs as possible.

I tend to love this, as unpredictable as it is. I love having the chance to see a rare track live here and there. Some fairly rare selections tonight included “The Best of What’s Around,” “When the World Ends” and “The Space Between.”

Dave Matthews Band is currently on tour all summer, though this was the third of only three scheduled dates featuring just Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds this year. While any show is a great time, these acoustic evenings really hold a special place for me. Definitely go check one out if you get the opportunity. In the meantime, see if Dave is bringing the full band through town this summer, you’re sure to have a great time!


  1. Save Me
  2. Grace Is Gone
  3. Grey Street
  4. Come Tomorrow
  5. Don’t Drink the Water
  6. Stay or Leave
  7. The Stone
  8. The Best of What’s Around
  9. When the World Ends
  10. Crush
  11. Tim Reynolds Solo #1
  12. Do You Remember
  13. #41
  14. Fool to Think
  15. Funny the Way It Is
  16. Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
  17. Cornbread
  18. Tim Reynolds Solo #2
  19. Dancing Nancies
  20. You & Me
  21. Warehouse
  22. The Space Between
  23. Two Step


  1. Funny How Time Slips Away (Willie Nelson cover)
  2. Lie in Our Graves
  3. Ants Marching