Dusty Santamaria + Moira Ichiban

New Music Critique: Dusty Santamaria + Moira Ichiban


This daring duo have an intriguing formula: lonesome, languid surf-guitar accompanying raw, ragged vocal harmonies. “Quick Draw Chimera” is a promising start. The song’s thick and chewy guitar chords set a great mood, like in an off-kilter indie crime flick. We really dig the minor-key guitar strums that adorn “Digital Fuck Talk,” though the song’s monotony (Try a change of key, perhaps?) ultimately wears thin. The duo hit their stride vocally on “If You Go” a performance that nearly achieves a proper duet. There’s definitely something in this project that could be developed. Square one, though: need stronger material.

Contact: [email protected]
Web: voodooityourself.com
Seeking: Booking, Distribution, Film/TV
Style: Avant-Garage Voo-Doo-Wop