New Music Critique: Don Tocabajo 


Don Tocabajo 
Contact: [email protected]


Seeking: Film/TV
Style: Instrumental Electronic Soundtrack

Heidelberg-based composer Don Tocabajo deploys a regiment of deep dark EDM synths and runs them (not so seamlessly) through a series of vignettes that verge on funk, world music, and dance. That would describe “Audio Cocktail.” Next, “War of Truths” has a great beat & persussion touches, but like the previous composition it shifts abruptly from movement to movement, showing a brash disregard for subtlety. Listening to “Spiced Vibes,” it suddenly occured to our listening team that Tocabajo, armed with his snarling battery of synthesizers, clearly has a knack for the kind of driving, pulsing, effervescent instrumental music that works so well with science-fiction and superhero film & TV projects.