Dogs and Bones music review

New Music Critique: Dogs and Bones

Vocals 6

Dogs and Bones traffic primarily in blues-rock, as on “Got My Eye On You” and “Break Your Heart,” which are pretty solid, familiar-sounding examples of the genre. The band’s level of musicianship is not as high as we’ve come to expect from seasoned blues-rock outfits, but is okay and competent. The latter tune delivers guitar licks that show nice touches on the solo. Vocals might be the Dogs’ weakest link as they simply don’t possess the gutsy, whiskey-burnt grit that this kind of material requires. The band is more successful
with the jangly, ‘60s-style, psych-pop song “Brand New Day.” Overall, we can’t be optimistic about film/TV potential, as these recordings generally lack polish and power.

Contact: [email protected]
Seeking: Film/TV, Booking
Style: Blues-Rock

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