New Music Critique: Bloomfield Machine   


Contact: [email protected]

Web: bandcamp.com

Seeking: Publisher, Film/TV, Label
Style: Indie Electronic Rock

Formerly of the band Chewy Marble, Brian Kassan’s new project Bloomfield Machine specializes in retro instrumental themes based on MIDI computer instruments. These brief recordings, such as the catchy 2-minute loping-paced “Cultural Treason,” have a “chiptune” vibe about them, sounding like vintage computer game music. Mysterious, robotic synth-tones are percolating heavily in “MicroAggression” which gets sinister and harsh along with some harpsichord sounds. “Race to Indifference” has some very cool synths that breathe in and out along with an electronic/acoustic drumbeat and string pads. No doubt the right visual project––a quirky retro-oriented film or TV series––would be perfect for this music.