New Music Critique: AO Dre

AO Dre
Contact: [email protected]

Web: aodreo.com

Seeking: Film/TV, Label, Booking
Style: Alternative Hip-Hop

Fill your cup with Dirty Sprite and Syrup for these tracks from Texas-based AO Dre. With Halloween music inspiring the spooky instrumental (like Travis Scott’s “Goosebumps”), Dre mumble-raps his verses on “Everytime,” and nicely finesses his vocal delivery by varying his performance. Dre demonstrates his sense of humor and wordplay in “Ride w Me,” contending he is “Ballin’... taking over the world like Josef Stalin.” “Cold as Ice,” was most interesting, instrumentally speaking, reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys with big synths and digitized drums. While we love that AO Dre is laidback, refreshingly unaggressive, we do wish for more of a pulse in the production and technicality in the vocals.