New Gear Review: FabFilter Pro-C 2

FabFilter Pro-C 2 is a major update that’s more like a new plug-in. Pro-C 2 has five brand-new com- pression styles—algorithms designed for modern processing with unique character and feel. There are styles for vocal processing, mastering or EDM pumping. Other new features are: lookahead (up to 20 MS), range to limit max gain change, hold, side-chain EQ, oversampling and a redesigned GUI.

I’m getting “the hang” of using the Vocal style to get lead vocals to sit in a good place within the mix—I find that I use less breakpoint automation on vocal tracks with C 2 helping me out.

I used the Mastering style and the intelligent Auto Gain feature to “beef up” finished stereo mixes transparently (or not). I liked the Bus style for controlling sub mixes—the Wet/Dry control comes in handy for drum stems.

I made quick use of the side-chain EQ and I liked the little headphone icon called Audition Trigger- ing. You hear exactly what parts of the signal are triggering gain reduction.

FabFilter Pro-C 2 has replaced most of my compressor plug-ins these days and it is a rock-solid, core plug-in. It is available for $179 MSRP and works on Windows and Mac OS X in VST 3, AU, AAX, RTAS and AudioSuite plug-in formats—both 32-bit and 64-bit.


Barry Rudolph is a recording engineer/mixer who has worked on over 30 gold and platinum records. He has recorded and/or mixed Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hall & Oates, Pat Benatar, Rod Stewart, the Corrs and more. Barry has his own futuristic music mixing facility and loves teaching audio engineering at Musician’s Institute, Hollywood, CA. He is a lifetime Grammy-voting member of NARAS and a contributing editor for Mix Magazine. barryrudolph.com