OK GO to Launch Music-Making VR Experience

OK Go unveiled “I Am A Lambchild,” a song the GRAMMY®–winning band created exclusively in, and for Lambchild Superstar: Making Music in the Menagerie of the Holy Cow, a VR experience six years in the making. The timing couldn’t be better: the track premieres as Hanukkah celebrations are underway and the VR odyssey will launch on Christmas Day – at which time, all the lucky recipients of VR headsets can download Lambchild Superstar for free. The experience was designed for the Oculus Rift headset originally, but the popular new Meta Quest Headset should work if it’s connected to a gaming PC by a link cable or an air bridge.

I Am A Lambchild” has also been made available for free as a MYXSTEMTM app, which allows fans to completely control the listening experience by adjusting the levels of each instrument (stem) and accessing other cool features.

Listen to “I Am A Lambchild” HERE