NARIP Synch Agent Pitch Session: SoStereo Co-Founder Beto Azout

NARIP's next Agent Pitch Session will be with SoStereo Co-Founder Beto Azout on June 21. Topics at this NARIP Pitch Session:
  • Meet Beto who seeks, signs & synchs artists with global brand campaigns
  • Pitch songs directly for upcoming projects, and signing consideration
  • Meet Beto who can say YES and write you a check.
  • Beto seeks new and untapped talent to match with brand initiatives
  • Learn how to get placed, hear what works and what doesn't immediately
  • Direct access + firsthand info = better results FOR YOU

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About NARIP Sessions

NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions launched in April 2011 in Los Angeles with a sold-out event featuring PJ Bloom (Glee, CSI: Miami, Nip / Tuck). NARIP’s goal was to give rights holders and people who represent music catalogs a better and more meaningful opportunity to reach music supervisors. We succeeded! Since launching, NARIP’s Sessions have yielded multiple placements for participants and have consistently sold out in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin and London.

What Makes NARIP’s Sessions Successful?

Limited enrollment of 16 people per session guarantees face-time with the guest supervisor. NARIP’s sessions also eliminate the uncertainty of blind pitches which waste everyone’s time. Session registrants get a brief prior to each session of the guest supervisor’s CURRENT music needs. Last and best of all, music is played at each session and participants receive immediate feedback to the music they present from the guest supervisor.

These three factors – limited enrollment enabling personal interaction, advance knowledge of current music needs and immediate feedback – make NARIP’s Sessions practical, useful and effective. Two-thirds of the people who attend NARIP sessions return for more, and many people have signed up for the entire series because they find NARIP’s sessions so valuable.

Music licensing has grown increasing important as a vehicle to expose and market music. At NARIP’s Music Supervisor Sessions, participants get the inside track on how top music supervisors select music for their projects and do business. Limited enrollment guarantees face-time and one-on-one feedback to music from these career-makers.

NARIP has created four separate tracks representing the four main areas of music supervision, and has secured the top supervisors in each sector:

1. Film & TV

Film & TV are the bread and butter of synch licensing, representing a vast and ongoing opportunity for music placement. Read more…

2. Trailers

Trailers have skyrocketed in recent years as an important and lucrative vehicle for music licensing. Synch fees for music in trailers tend to be larger because the rights requested tend to be more broad (worldwide, in perpetuity, used in every possible media). Also, trailers are typically part of a film’s marketing budget rather than its music budget, with film marketing budgets almost always many times larger than music budgets. One senior music executive at Fox Studios says that the music budget for a film is rarely larger than 3% of its overall budget, if that. Read more…

3. Games

The gaming industry has exploded to surpass many other forms of online and interactive entertainment, with marquee games bringing in literally billions of dollars in sales. Games are recognized as excellent vehicles for well-established and developing acts, and this sector has grown enormously and become fiercely competitive. Read more…

4. Advertising

Advertising has grown in the last decade as a viable and lucrative area for music placement and original compositions. Music can be used in any number of ways to help market products and become part of regional, national and global advertising campaigns for the world’s most recognizable brands.