Nameless Grave Records Signs Seattle Band Colony Drop

Nameless Grave Records presents Brace For Impact, the shredding debut album by Seattle, Washington-based crossover outfit COLONY DROP. With the record locked and loaded for August release, its cover art, track listing, preorders, and lead single, “Colony Drop (Brace For Impact),” have been issued.

United in rebellion in the seedy underbelly of a technological megalopolis, the COLONY DROP quintet strikes like an assassin’s blade—with speed, precision, and style. Written in hermetic seclusion with pugilistic discipline, Brace For Impact is a testament to the songwriting-first ethos that made metal great in the first place: catchy riffs, vocal hooks, blistering solos, and no bullshit.

The band offers, “Our goal with Brace For Impact is was to write the kind of record that got us into heavy music when we were kids and that we still want to find when we’re digging through crates at record stores or scouring streaming services. We believe it’s something that can capture your imagination immediately without letting go until the end, and something that you can listen to many times and still get something new out of.”

The concise thirty-five-minute Brace For Impact deploys eleven ripping tracks recorded and engineered by Nicholas Wilbur at The Unknown Studios and by Ryan Moon at Buster Room Recordings, and mixed and mastered by Alex Farrar at Drop Of Sun Studios. With logo art by Emily McCafferty and photography by Chris Schanz, this grandiose vision of the techno-apocalypse is reflected in Brace For Impact’s bold cover art and layout by Matt Stikker.

The result is a true album in the classic style: eleven knockout punches, each with its own distinct identity, each catchy enough to be a single. Together, they paint a kaleidoscopic picture of a mechanized future using sounds from rock’s glorious past. As the title suggests, Brace For Impact is a clear statement of intent: COLONY DROP is here to bring back the guillotine and watch your strongholds fall. Fans of Iron Age, Power Trip, Black Breath, and High Command, tune in.

With the LP’s lead single and opening/title track "Colony Drop (Brace For Impact),” the band reveals, “When we were assembling Brace For Impact, we wanted the album to be a full-frontal assault, and the title track is our opening salvo. It’s a pit-starter that stands on its own and also contains everything COLONY DROP is about: memorable riffs, ripping leads, vocal hooks, and empowering lyrics with social critique and a science fiction aesthetic, plus a few easter eggs and curve balls, like the bass solo that kicks it all off.”

Let "Colony Drop (Brace For Impact)" off the chain now at THIS LOCATION.

Brace For Impact will be released August 25th on LP, CD, CS, and digital platforms. Find preorders at the Nameless Grave Records webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.